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Sanae walked down the sidewalk, clutching a very unusual looking device tightly in her arms as she approached the .  It looked like a toy-like powder blue ray gun, covered in bizarre dials as well as all sorts of superfluous plastic chunks decorating it.   From its simple appearance most by-passers thought she was lugging around a child's toy, and the large light-pink tote bag she carried, covered with cutely-illustrated pictures of farm animals in pastel colors.  With all this in tow most assumed she was a baby sitter leaving to meet her clients, though Sanae had a much more interesting job ahead of her.
The ray gun she held, however, was certainly no toy.  It was a very special project she had been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test.  It was a very powerful device made by three genius, if not eccentric, scientists from MIT, and just by Sanae's luck she had managed to stumble in on them just as they had finished it. Sanae entered their lab hunting
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KonataTan birthday extravaganza
It was after school, and band practice was over. Everyone had already left, that didn't mean much to Yui. She was sitting on the couch, holding onto Azu-nyan like she was the holy grail, and was softly stroking her head, softly chanting "Azu-nyan...Azu-nyan..." This, of course, irked Azusa, but she couldn't do much, thanks to her size and Yui's amazing strength when it came to cute things. "Azu-nyan...I don't think you could be any cuter~!" Yui exclaimed, starting to repeatedly kiss her on the cheek. Something was odd, though, as these set of kisses seemed to hold an odd tinging to them
The tingling spread from her cheek to the rest of her head, before spreading throughout her body. It wasn't particularly bad feeling, just... Odd. Her attention on the tingling, though, seemed to distract from the fact that her feet were slowly lifting off the floor, her shoes falling off. Her socks started to slacken as well as Azu moved around uncomfortably, reaching back and rubbing above her bottom.
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Dont Change MY reality part 3
Kaitlyn sat in the playpen for what seemed like an eternity before a daycare worker noticed that she was crying.  The worker threaded her arms through the bars of the playpen and softly stroked Kaitlyn's hair.
"Aww sweetie, what's the matter"
Kaitlyn hadn't even noticed the worker and jumped in alarm at the sudden contact,  She rubbed her eyes vigorously trying to hide the fact that she had been crying.
"Are you soggy already?"  
Kaitlyn blushed and shook her head her agitation getting worse.  She wouldn't be able to explain to the worker that only yesterday she had been on the cusp of leaving high school and now she was god knows how many months away from graduating to kindergarten.
She tried to rack her brain for a plausible excuse as to why she was crying.
"Are you sleepy?"
Kaitlyn shook her head again and noticed something that was actually bothering her.  Her teeth.  It wasn't why she was crying but her mouth ached as if
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Mic man
I like to bug people to draw dumb shit



wooooo tagged by :iconlance-the-young:. i like these things my turn my turn

0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around
5) Post these rules

1. This is You
I am a great soft jelly thing. Smoothly rounded, with no mouth, with pulsing black holes filled by fog where my eyes used to be. Rubbery appendages that were once my arms; bulks rounding down into legless humps of soft slippery matter. I leave a moist trail when I move. Blotches of diseased, evil green come and go on my surface, as though light is being beamed from within.

Outwardly: dumbly, I shamble about, a thing that could never have been known as human, a thing whose shape is so alien a travesty that humanity becomes more obscene for the vague resemblance.

2. This Pokemon Is Your Rival
he looks like a fitting rival, like a Gary Oak/Bakugou sort

3. This Pokemon is deeply in love with you.

why hello there beautiful...

4. This Pokemon is stalking you

I severly doubt you can call that "stalking"

5. This Pokemon just stole your cake.

well he can keep it because i don't like the taste of poison

6. This is your lab partner

the lab environment is a good place for poisonous spores. hey dude you want some cake

7. This is your best friend

I hate him

8. This pokemon is about to fight you


9. This Pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

just... just take them. you want my wallet too? take it. take it all. fine

10. This Pokemon is currently hiding in your house

11. This Pokemon is your pet

bad dog. bad bad dog

12. This is your new roommate

no officer I swear I warned him the fumigation was happening numerous times. why yes it was his turn to look after the dog

13. This is your new boss

looks like the bosses' smartass kid, like a Horrible Bosses scenario.

14. This Pokemon watches you while you sleep at night

pros: no nightmares
cons: i think I'm about to go into a coma

15. This Pokemon is scared of you

he probably saw what I did to that bat

16. This Pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

just make sure you use sleep powder and not stun spore or I will sue

17. You have to babysit this Pokemon tonight

i think this thing just like sleeps in the ocean so that's a free night for me. looks like it's getting pretty rowdy though...

18. This Pokemon loves sleeping on your head

marowaks are cool so that's fine. plus if it gets too heavy I'll just breed it and it'll die

19. This Pokemon envies you

i do not envy him

20. Use this Pokemon to tag some people.

damn I wish i was one of those Vore guys

tagging :iconkonatatan: :icontherealrng: :iconinsanewetrust: :iconlilprincessmorgan: :iconsoul-of-platinum:
A few peeps been submitting these so I decided to upload my own one.

This is subject to change, as our Advisor is currently training her replacement, and our Treasurer has been issued a final written warning due to █̸͂̿͆ͬ̔͑̽̃̐̀ͭ̏̀̂͢͏̲̮̠̲̱̲̠͕̪̝̪͖͍̱̩̻͚█̧͉̩̻̹̟͇͖̝̥̜̲ͧͤ͆͛ͪ͆ͦ͑ͧ̈́͢█̷̠̱̺̰̺͇͈̼͕̖͇̾ͥ̋͆͋̐̊ͯ̉́̎̈̅̎█̝̹̠̗͚̺͔̰͇̩̹̜̼̆̏͂̐͗͐ͯ͒ͫ́ͥ̋̿̈́̔͐ͅͅ█̮̟̖͙̖͎̥̊̔ͩ̄ͣ͂͐̈́ͩ͑ͬ̎ͧ͑͗̏̾̆█̮͔͖̥̪̟̹̱̼͎̗̯̺̘͇̙̑̽̿͋̓͐█̵̣̪̯̖̋ͣ̾͛ͮ͒͗͋̊͟█̠͙̺͔̫̗ͬ̔ͭ͒͋̊̈ͮ̎ͮ̋ͥ͛͒ͣ͗̑̓͂͘͟ͅ█̢̮͉͍͕͔̣̥̳̯̖̩̲̙̗̠ͨ͂̉̒ͤ̀ͬ̉ͤ̎͝█̨̱͉̗̖͔͐̓͂ͭͯ̕͢͡ͅ█R̵̤͖̦̟̙̞̤̰͑̓̅ͯ̇̎͠E̷̤̱̠͋͒͗̂̊́ͨ̀D̟̗͉͙̜̙ͦ͡Á̢͚̭̀͜ͅC̻̼̪͂͑̀̈̿̽̃T̥̥̤̤̣̟̙̈́̃ͪ̀͢█̡̢̘̩̔E̺̗̥̞̲̦̽̇ͫ̄̇D̠̻ͬ̌█̳̞̭̲̫̥̤͔̲̮̠̞͛ͩ̆̃ͦ̏ͅ█̩̥̻̫̝̦̗̠̰̭̑ͩ̆̽̅̀̚█̥̜̼͓̭̾̓̆̓ͣ̀█̝̹̠̗͚̺͔̰͇̩̹̜̼̆̏͂̐͗͐ͯ͒ͫ́ͥ̋̿̈́̔͐ͅͅ█̮̟̖͙̖͎̥̊̔ͩ̄ͣ͂͐̈́ͩ͑ͬ̎ͧ͑͗̏̾̆█̮͔͖̥̪̟̹̱̼͎̗̯̺̘͇̙̑̽̿͋̓͐█͎͎͎̮̠̬̥͈̘͓͇̮͖͈̫̈́͗͆ͦ͌͛ͥ̇
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